About This Course

Are past lives real? Can accessing past lives support your spiritual growth? What happens to the individual sense of “me” after death?

The All About Past Lives course will explore these questions and more through 10 engaging video lessons that you can watch at your own pace. 

It’s human nature to be curious about what happens after we die, and these in-depth session will lead you to find the answers for yourself. 

Unlike many other teachings about past lives, you will not be asked to believe new concepts about life and death and consciousness without experientially checking in for yourself to see what is true. 

Jac will lead you through exercises and reflections to bring you to new realizations and clarity on past lives that may be appearing in your current incarnation. Through the exploration of past lives you’ll also gain a better understanding of how the experience of separation and the sense of a personal “me” occurs.

An additional bonus to this course is the 2 LIVE support Q&A sessions with Jac in May 2023. You will meet with Jac online and have the opportunity to ask any questions on the topic of past lives where you’d like additional support and guidance.

What You Get

• Gain clarity on how karma really works, and learn how to resolve unfinished karmic ties from the past.

• Find peace with the reality of your own death and mortality.

• Experience freedom as you get closure with events, memories, and relationships in your life.

• Increase your understanding of oneness, karma, and the idea of a separate “self” through your exploration of past lives.

• Advance your awakening process by clearly seeing how your mind uses concepts such as birth and death to create the feeling of an individual “self”.

• Receive 2 free opportunities to meet with Jac LIVE in May 2023, where you can ask your own question on the topic of past lives.

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Bonus: Live Support From Jac

Meet Jac in May, at one or both of the Live Support events and speak with her about all things relating to past lives.

LIVE Q&A with Jac on May 18, 2023 at 1pm–2pm EDT

LIVE Q&A with Jac on May 18, 2023 at 7pm–8pm EDT

Whether you've had your own experiences of previous incarnations or not doesn’t matter. There are insights and exercises packed into these ten videos, and Jac will guide you every step of the way. 

Each core teaching video is supported by a bonus video that makes the teaching practical and applicable to your own life. You’ll use what you learn to grow and evolve on your personal spiritual journey.

Course Curriculum

    1. Know the difference between religion and spirituality

    2. Redefine your relationship with your inner divine essence

    1. A meditation to address our fears

    2. A healing meditation bringing it all back home

    1. Are you ready to die today?

    2. Meditation on the seamlessness of One

    1. Understanding karma

    2. Dissolving vows that no longer serve you

    1. Letting go, even when things are unresolved

    2. Reconciling the personal and nondual perspectives

    1. Live Support Q&A Sessions with Jac on Zoom on May 18th, 2023

    2. May 18, 2023 at 1pm–2pm EDT

    3. May 18, 2023 at 7pm–8pm EDT

  • This is an on demand, self-paced course. Your enrollment in this course is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.
  • The course includes 10 video lessons, ranging from 10–35 minutes each, a downloadable audio guided meditation, and 2 sessions of live support with Jac that are 1 hour each. Each lesson has a main video with a core teaching, followed by a bonus video lesson. The bonus video includes an exercise or personal reflection to bring the teaching directly into your own life and experience. You have the option to turn on closed captions for all of the videos to assist in following the dialogue.
  • The two Live Support Q&A events with Jac are scheduled in May 2023. These Zoom sessions offer additional support to dive deeper into your own questions on past lives and what came up for you in the course. It’s recommended that you complete the course before the live events, although it’s not required.