Transformational Courses

Jac O'Keeffe

Jac's teaching is about empowering individuals who are done with seeking, done with hiding, done with outsourcing their spiritual awakening to gurus. Awakening is not a one and done experience. It is abiding. A continuous opening into the fullness of your humanness. Jac’s work leads you to a deep understanding of yourself, the inner workings of your body/mind and the nature of Reality and how to experience the world without resistance.


  • "I do not know of another living teacher with the same magnificent combination of mastery, humility, commitment to ethical boundaries & deep love that I have found in Jac O'Keeffe."

    –B.M., Canada

  • "Jac is a wonderful teacher—highly intuitive, responsive and empathetic. She speaks clearly and with the authority of direct personal knowledge and experience. I feel I've benefited enormously by attending her retreat."

    –K.B., Toronto

  • "Integrity, honesty, willingness...these are principles behind Jac's relentless pursuit of Truth. These are the same principles she demands of those fortunate enough to sit with her."

    –T.S. California, USA

  • "Watching Jac teach is Mastery on display. It is such a joy to just watch the teaching by itself. The material was spot on too. Every session was perfect."

    –W.N., USA

  • "In contrast to the almost institutional bypassing found in non-duality, it's a breath of fresh air to hear Jac teaching about embodiment, and self love and acceptance! What I love is that this is explored even in a world that was never created! Her teachings on honoring the various levels, and natural laws that apply to them are music to my ears! xoxo"

    –R.F., Spain

  • "Jac goes with you wherever you are coming from and pulls you deeper; there is no end on this movement. Jac is so human, down to earth and still beyond anything and everything. She holds you with love and compassion while making a clean cut through illusions, through our stories of separations. Only demanding what she fully embodies. Honesty and integrity."

    –M.T.H., Canada